PSN Deals Include PS4 Game for Just $0.69

There are currently three sales live on the PlayStation Store, and the opportunity to nab one PS4 game for just $0.69. Before Elden Ring, Sifu, Horizon: Forbidden West, and more consume your life, you may find you have nothing new to play right now. January’s biggest release, Pokemon Legends: Arceusis exclusive to Nintendo Switch, and the second biggest release, Rainbow Six Extraction, is turning out to be a bit of a flop. So, again, if you’re on PS4 or PS5, you may find that you have nothing to play. If so, you might want to check out Subject 13 because it’s only $0.69 right now.

Between now and February 17, the game from developer Paul Cuisset and publisher Microids is 90 percent off. This makes the game $0.69, which in turn makes it the cheapest full game on the PlayStation Store this week. Is it worth $0.69? Well, that’s where some may disagree. Over on Steam, the game has a “Mixed” user review rating, which means only about half of users recommend the game. The same applies to critics over on Metacritic. Below, you can read more about the 2015 adventure game:


“Play as Franklin Fargo, a quiet physics professor who has led a bitter existence ever since his fiancee died in a holdup in which he was supposed to be the victim,” reads an official pitch of the game. “One morning, he wakes up in the middle of an abandoned scientific facility. His only link with the outside world is a voice that calls him ‘Subject 13’.

Of course, if this game doesn’t tickle your fancy, be sure to check out the links above which will bring you straight to each PlayStation Store sale, complete with a wide range of discounted PS4 and PS5 games. Speaking of PS5, this game is not available on PS5, but it’s playable on the PS5 via PS4 backward compatibility.

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