Elon Musk pushing for more Steam videogames in Tesla cars despite safety warnings

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed that his electric car company is working on bringing Steam PC games to its vehicles.

In a tweet, Musk said “”We’re working through the general case of making Steam games work on a Tesla vs specific titles. Former is obviously where we should be long-term.”

This would allow passengers and drivers to play thousands of videogames in a Tesla vehicle while the car’s AI drives itself. This is despite safety warnings and legal curbs on people gaming while their vehicle is in motion.

If added to Tesla cars, Steam would effectively turn the car into a powerful, drivable games console.

Tesla are reportedly working on bringing Steam to the Tesla's in-car computer
Tesla are reportedly working on bringing Steam to the Tesla’s in-car computer

The videogames currently available on Tesla cars use the vehicle’s touchscreen to play, or drivers can plug a games controller (like an Xbox 360 controller) in using the car’s USB ports.

Steam is a massively popular online games store which allows people to buy PC game titles such as Cyberpunk 2077, Counter-Strike, Grand Theft Auto V and more.

A legal challenge by a US road safety authority however forced Tesla to modify its in-car software to stop people gaming in their cars while in motion.

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Musk is an avid gamer

“Following the opening of a preliminary evaluation of Tesla’s ‘Passenger Play,’ Tesla informed the agency that it is changing the functionality of this feature,” the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said in a statement.

“In a new software update, ‘Passenger Play’ will now be locked and unusable when the vehicle is in motion.”

The fact that games could even be played while a car was driving down the road came under heavy criticism from road safety groups.

“There is no argument that can be made that this isn’t dangerous,” said Jason Levine, the executive director of the Center for Auto Safety.


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