Rare video game collection found in Nebraska could be worth millions

A rare video game collection uncovered in Nebraska could be worth life-changing money. (Photo credit: THISISGAMEROOM)

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A rare video game collection uncovered in Nebraska could be worth life-changing money.

Chris Thompson, who is the owner of The Gameroom says owners of the collection brought a few items to his store to see what they might be worth.

“They weren’t 100% sure how big this thing was, but they knew it was a really notable collection,” Thompson said.

No kidding. The games have been in storage for more than 25 years, after two Nebraska gaming stores closed down in the mid-90s.

At this early stage in the process, Thompson said it’s hard to put a specific valuation on the collection.

But the fact that some of these games are factory-sealed and have never been opened could be a game changer.

“A single game could be a $50 street value,” Thompson explained. “With a box it could be $200 street value. Factory-sealed in poor condition could be $1,000 value and then a mint perfect, the best-known specimen could be $100,000.”

In other words…

“I can liquidate the entire Gameroom and not have enough money to purchase this collection,” Thompson quipped.

The discovery has garnered significant attention online, with major gaming outlets picking up the story.

Thompson’s video showcasing the collection has received more than 59,000 views on YouTube (as of Thursday evening) in only two days.

Thompson says that he is assisting the owners, who wish to remain anonymous, with the process of valuing these games.

“This is not a process where you start flipping these on eBay, one at a time,” Thompson said. “This is a process where we get historians and documentarians and we go through a white glove inspection.”

Thompson, who’s worked in the gaming industry for 20 years, says he’s honored to be a part of this and is determined to make sure that the owners get the most of their rare collection.

It’s an opportunity that gaming enthusiasts can only dream of.

“As a kid, I was fascinated with video games and every aspect of them, you know, I played them, I loved them, I had a free playground to try things and fail and not get in trouble,” Thompson said. “I had no idea that that was my future.”

Thompson estimates it is going to take about a year to tell the full story of this exclusive collection and find the true value of the games.

He says he will continue to chronicle the journey on his YouTube channel, THISISGAMEROOM.

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