MotorStorm PS3 servers back online, Resistance: Fall of Man next in video game preservation initiative

The online servers for MotorStorm are back online, albeit unofficially. This is thanks to the work of PSONE, a group of video game preservationists who tirelessly worked to bring a number of PlayStation titles back online.


Developed by the now-defunct Evolution Studios, MotorStorm is fondly remembered as one of the best PlayStation launch titles, spawning two direct sequels as well as spin-offs. The official PS3 online servers for the game went offline in January 2012.

Now, after almost a decade in a digital cemetery, PSONE has brought the servers back online. You will need a copy of MotorStorm, a PS3 console and an active PlayStation Network account. Setup is quick and easy using PSONE’s text and video guides.

The group recently hit the headlines after resurrecting the PS3 servers for popular online shooter, Killzone 2. While playable, it’s worth noting that some key features are missing, such as online trophy support. The list of other supported titles includes favorites such as Twisted Metal Black, Warhawk, WipEout, SOCOM Confrontation, and PlayStation Home.

One more thing… the group has announced that Resistance: Fall of Man will soon be playable with a number of other PS3 games in the pipeline.

PSONE stresses that this release is meant solely for preservation and educational purposes. The organization doesn’t take donations, stating the following in their legal section:

All rights are reserved by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited, as well as the respective third-party companies responsible for implementing content into the preserved games. PSONE is working on PS Games that has been shutdown, the usage of this software falling under abandonware due to the lack of copyright enforcement involving the tools. The online section of PS Games is protected by the laws implied by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 17 US Code § 1201 for the purpose of preservation, education and public viewing as a museum effort.

Following MotorStorm, Evolution Studios went on to developer Driveclub, the ill-fated PS4 exclusive that is no longer available to purchase. Sony closed the studio in 2016 though it was revived by Codemasters and went on to create the criminally overlooked Onrush.


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