How to Buy a PlayStation 3 in 2021

The PlayStation 3 perfectly bridges the gap between classic consoles and next-gen capabilities. But is it worth owning one in 2021?

The PlayStation 3 represents a shift in gaming that is still being felt today, bridging the gap between the classic video game experience and the future of the gaming industry. It marked a significant improvement in hardware and software, even compared to its wildly popular predecessor, the PlayStation 2. It’s been well over a decade since it was released, but does this classic console still have a place in your collection?

Inarguably, the PS3 laid the groundwork for what we see from Sony consoles today. From improved controllers to better interfaces, the PS3 set the standard for Sony’s online services and digital gaming. With consoles like the PlayStation 5 now poised to represent the pinnacle of gaming, it can be hard to look back at what came before — not to mention to find outdated hardware. Still, there can be some benefits to picking up a PS3 today.

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Where Can You Buy a PlayStation 3 in 2021?

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The PlayStation 3 had many revisions throughout its life, but production was discontinued in 2015. Since then, PS3-related merchandise has no longer been available from official Sony outlets or other major retailers. However, just because it isn’t readily available, it doesn’t mean that the consoles are lost forever.

Many gaming stores also buy older consoles to refurbish and resell, and they can be where gamers can find an older system like the PS3. There are also various sites like Amazon that sell parts for the console and first and third-party controllers. However, buyers will have to be more diligent to ensure they’re purchasing reliable products. Nevertheless, the internet has provided the means to find a PS3 and maintain it with little hassle. The best part is that it’s usually available at a significantly reduced price.

What Are the Pros And Cons Of Having A PS3 In 2021?

With so many advancements in game console technology, it can seem a bit peculiar to own an older console in 2021. But even with its limitations, there are still many benefits from owning such a classic piece of playstation history. For starters, there’s a massive library of modern classics available on the PS3, many of which still see re-releases today. The PS3 versions may not be the graphical powerhouses that modern remasters are, but they offer players a more authentic experience that feels like playing through history. Even better, if you’re lucky enough to track down a coveted original model PS3, it’s backward compatible with PlayStation 2 games, while every model can play games from the original playstation. Considering those consoles are more challenging to find, it makes hunting for them even less of a necessity. Players can also enjoy games that aren’t available on the PlayStation Store anymore, like the Sly Cooper trilogy collection.

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However, while there are some great benefits, there are also unavoidable cons that 2021 players will have to contend with. For starters, it’s particularly difficult to purchase available PS3 games in the store, as Sony cut support for PS3 and PlayStation Vita game purchases via credit card earlier this year. The ability to purchase titles requires players to use the store’s wallet feature rather than directly using a credit card. There’s also the argument of age. With it now being over ten years old, the console’s wear and tear will begin to show, and while it’s still relatively easy to get parts, that resource may not last forever.

Is the PS3 Worth Buying in 2021?

In the end, whether there’s value in buying a PlayStation 3 in 2021 is solely up to the player. For those who prefer to look ahead and focus on the future advancements of the medium, owning a PS3 may not be a feasible choice, especially not with the PlayStation 4 being readily available and the PS5 stock increasing.

For the nostalgic player looking to rekindle moments from their childhood or go back to games they haven’t played in years, the PS3 could have a place in 2021. Thankfully, they remain affordable, and its games and parts are still easy to find. It may not be necessary to purchase and play, but there’s no denying that if the modern gamer were to buy a PlayStation 3, there likely wouldn’t be any regrets.

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