Games That Strengthen Friendships

It can be easy to meet new people via online gaming, especially with popular titles like League of Legends or Rocket League, but playing online can often be too fast-paced and competitive for those wanting to simply enjoy the company of others. With all the people you meet in online teams, actually building a strong relationship can be difficult with all that goes on.

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Strengthening a friendship takes time, communication, and trust, something not easy to find with an online battle royale. Sometimes a more casual experience, with a smaller group is the best way to strengthen your friendship and form a stronger connection.

11 Sonic And Mario At The Olympic Games


A friendly competition can be good for a friendship, and can even bring former rivals together. Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games perfectly demonstrates this point, both in the titular mascots facing off and the games engaging, multiplayer friendly events.

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Whether you enjoy motion control or not, Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games feels like a lighthearted Mario Party with more in-depth and engaging mini-games, but without the stars or coins to steal, which usually break the trust in friendships you’ re looking to build.


10 Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario Golf Super Rush Best Characters mario

Although primarily competitive, golf is generally an honorable and relaxing sport, something that translates well into video games. This is especially true of the Mario Golf series.

With Mario Golf Super Rush, Nintendo did something out of character and made a game online playable from day one. Even more uncanny was that online functionality actually works well. You’ll have a wealth of play styles and modes to choose from like traditional stroke play or speed golf, and with how well the online has been received so far, having some friendly competition never felt better.

9 It Takes Two

it takes two
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Focused on a couple in a struggling marriage, It Takes Two tells the story of growing closer together through teamwork and problem-solving. The core focus of the gameplay is built around the idea of ​​working together – in fact, you can’t play the game without a second player.

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It Takes Two is just the game to play for friends with great synergy or who are looking to build upon it even more, or for those looking to foster a stronger friendship with team-building exercises. With gameplay that encourages creativity and communication, you and a friend will build new avenues of camaraderie facing challenges together.

8 Cuphead

cuphead co-op flower boss

There are games that belong to a certain type of difficulty range where friends are almost a necessity. Games like Cuphead are much more manageable with the help of a second player, making it a perfect way to make player two feel valued and needed.

Cuphead is also a beautiful throwback not only to a bygone era of cartoon animation, but a bygone era of couch co-op. The game builds teamwork by uniting and bonding you and your friend through shared anger at the game’s difficulty, as well as the distinct air of childhood nostalgia packed into it.

7 The Legend Of Zelda: 4 Swords Adventure

4 lookalike boys in red green purple and blue outfits

Using the Gameboy Advance Gamecube link cable, Zelda 4 Swords Adventure allowed up to four friends to play through a classic Hyrule adventure together. On top of all that, the game promoted a little friendly competition with rupee collection rewards for the player who racked up the most throughout the level.

The added feature of using the Gameboy Advance as a controller, and a screen for certain dungeons and rooms was a nice touch, but what really brought players together was the adventure itself. Since the first Zelda’s release players dreamed of playing with a friend, and 4 Swords Adventure was Nintendo’s well-made answer.


5 Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World

There are few games as unifying than that of a good Mario game. Finding the best one for strengthening a bond between friends can be tough though with all the viable options. Ultimately, one of the best Mario games to ever promote teamwork, friendship, and imagination was Super Mario 3D World.

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The game is accessible for players of any skill level with an option for inexperienced players to use the bubble if needed on more challenging levels. With an assortment of great power-ups, and a sprawling number of worlds to complete, 3D World is one of the most memorable Mario games for friends to play together.

4 Jackbox Party Pack 3 – KO Tee

A large green dragon and three little animals behind him

Much like Mario games, it’s hard to nail down just one Jackbox Party Pack, let alone one Jackbox game that is the best at strengthening a friendship. With so many choices it’s best to settle on those that generate the most creativity and laughter.

As respected and loved as Drawful is, Tee KO makes a case for being one of the best laugh out loud games in any Jackbox Party Pack. Players draw designs and create short catchphrases that then get randomly put together by other players to then be voted on. Even if your shirt doesn’t win, seeing the hilarity that follows in the random and outrageous designs is enough to bond any group of friends.

3 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

This is a screenshot of the player in combat from Crystal Chronicles.

Square Enix is ​​perhaps best known for their single-player epics within the Final Fantasy series, but they have on many occasions branched out and made excellent multiplayer RPGs like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Crystal Chronicles works as a team-building game similar to real-time action RPG’s in its combat, but with one added quirk – Miasma.

Designating who needs to carry the bucket that protects the party from the Miasma and making sure enemies can be reached while keeping the miasma out, is a challenge that will demand teamwork and strategy as your party traverses the colorful, imaginative Final Fantasy spin-off.

2 Mario Kart: Double Dash

a man in red and a man in green ride on a go kart together in a desert

The most unique game in the series, Mario Kart Double Dash focused on letting players work together as a team with one as the driver and one as the items manager and thrower.

Being able to switch who was the driver and who held the items mid-race allowed for some interesting strategizing. Timing item throws and when to bash nearby opponents was another added aspect of Double Dash that created a need for communication and helped players develop synchronicity as tight as a pit crew.

1 Secret Of Mana

Secret of Mana is a great game whether you are playing alone or with someone else, but the experience is different and presents distinct challenges depending on how many people are playing. Coordinating spells, timing attacks, and developing a solid plan of attack become part of the experience in Secret of Mana when another joins your party.

With the help of your friends, taking on some of the more more challenging bosses will seem like less of a burden, and sharing the victory is always better than being lonely at the top. The Super Nintendo classic is a visually stunning masterpiece and should be a bucket list item for any gamer and their friends the same way a trip to the Grand Canyon should be, and just like any bucket list item it will create those same lasting memories with the people you care about.

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