Cyberpunk 2077 NPCs Can Now Die in Car Crashes After 1.5 Update

Cyberpunk 2077’s recent update has brought a number of new improvements to the troubled game, and it has also made car crashes fatal for NPCs.

A lot of attention has been brought to the many new features and fixes that accompanied Cyberpunk 2077‘s recent 1.5 update, but one lesser-known adjustment has been made: NPCs can now be involved in fatal car crashes. This can be added to the laundry list of changes that have been made to the game’s many NPCs through this patch, alongside the ability of Cyberpunk 2077 NPCs to use umbrellas when it rains.

Since its release in late 2020, cyberpunk has been relentlessly dragged by video game players and critics for its bugs and poor performance on consoles, particularly Xbox One and PS4. The game was indeed in very rough shape, and so developer CD Projekt Red set out to polish up the title, and many would agree that it did just that over the year following its launch. The team managed to fix most of the game-breaking bugs and even added some additional content like alternate outfits for Keanu Reeve’s Johnny Silverhand. The biggest changes by far, however, came with this week’s 1.5 patch for Cyberpunk 2077, which fixed even more glitches, rebalanced the gameplay, and at long last delivered the highly anticipated next-gen upgrade. Aside from these tweaks, one of the most notable changes had to do with Night City’s NPCs, who now act in far more natural, organic, and interesting ways.


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This altered NPC behavior appears to extend beyond the pedestrian realm. As pointed out by Reddit user SOBKiller18, NPC drivers can be killed when suffering a crash. In a video that SOBKiller18 shared to the cyberpunk subreddit, V swerves into oncoming traffic, causing a head-on collision with an NPC vehicle. The car comes to an abrupt halt and the horn starts blaring, so SOBKiller18 exits their vehicle to find both the passenger and driver slumped in their seats, lifeless.

See the post on Reddit here.

Players might be reminded of other open-world games like Grand Theft Auto when viewing this video. Games in that series have been and continue to be praised for their commitment to crafting believable, vibrant open worlds, so any parity between those classics and Cyberpunk 2077 would likely be seen as a good thing. This small detail is just one piece of the larger puzzle that is making Night City a more robust virtual space, but it seems like CD Projekt Red is on the right path.

Over the next few weeks, it’s conceivable that players will uncover even more minor improvements and added features. The 1.5 update is roughly 50GB in size, so it is certainly a very meaty patch with lots of new content. If the development team can keep delivering improvements like this one, Cyberpunk 2077 might end up a little bit closer to the masterpiece that CD Projekt Red’s marketing promised.

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Cyberpunk 2077 is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Source: SOBKiller18/Reddit

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