12 Former PlayStation Exclusives That Can Now Be Played On PC

Despite much of the PS4’s success coming from its fantastic selection of exclusive titles, Sony appears to have softened its stance on exclusivity a little in recent years. Plenty of once-exclusive titles have made their way over to Windows, with many more PC ports rumored to be coming soon.

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Whispers of a Bloodborne PC release have been circulating for quite some time now, with others suggesting that games like god of war and Uncharted 4 could also make the leap. It remains to be seen whether these rumors will prove to be true, but, even if they don’t, there are plenty of other form PlayStation exclusives that can now be played on PC.

Updated January 28, 2022, by Tom Bowen: Not all video game rumors turn out to be true, but, when it comes to those concerning PlayStation exclusives coming to PC, at least, there does seem to be a fairly high degree of accuracy. God of War arrived on Steam in January of 2022, with Uncharted 4 set to follow suit sometime later this year as part of the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection. Sony’s decision to allow even more of its big first-party exclusives to appear on other platforms could have huge implications for the future of video game exclusivity, as too could Microsoft’s recently announced plan to acquire Activision Blizzard. The real winners in all of this will likely be PC gamers, however, with all but a handful of the biggest non-Nintendo titles now readily available to them.

12 god of war

God of war kratos yell

With more than 20 million sales throughout its lifetime, Kratos’ 2018 outing is not only the most successful god of war game to date, but also the best-selling game on the PS4. With all this in mind, for the mighty Spartan to finally make his way to PC after more than a decade and a half of PlayStation exclusivity really is a massive deal and a huge win for PC gaming in general.

Though the game had already received a PS5 patch to bring it a little closer to modern standards, Sony’s latest console just cannot compete with a high-end gaming rig. Of course, this improved visual fidelity does come at a ridiculously high premium (particularly with the ongoing graphics card shortages), but, for those looking for the definitive way to experience the game, the PC port just cannot be beaten.


11 Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

uncharted legacy of thieves nathan drake

god of war may be the best-selling PS4 game of all time, but Naughty Dog’s cinematic masterpiece Uncharted 4 really isn’t too far behind. It’s the second-highest seller on the platform and is one of two titles that make up the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collectionwhich was announced for PC just a few months after Kratos and Atreus’ Norse mythology-inspired adventure.

Thought Uncharted 4 will quite rightly get the lion’s share of attention, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is far from just filler and undoubtedly adds to the collection’s value. Whether or not the first three Uncharted games will eventually follow remains to be seen, but, for fans of beautifully rendered action-adventure games with fantastic narratives, this collection should more than suffice for the time being.

10 death stranding

death stranding sam carry bb

It didn’t take long for Sony to swoop in following Hideo Kojima’s sudden and shocking split with Konami. The influential Japanese developer was given a huge budget and the creative freedom to create the singular and somewhat divisive experience that is death stranding.

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Though the game started life as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, it took less than 12 months for the game to make its way to PC. Whether or not Death Stranding Director’s Cut will follow suit remains to be seen, though given the success of the original game on the platform, a PC release seems likely.

9 Journey

Journey ps3

Journey is a charming little adventure game that came about following a collaboration between Thatgamecompany and Sony’s Santa Monica studio. The game was a big hit with critics despite its modest budget, with both the PS3 and PS4 versions boasting a 92 average rating on Metacritic.

The title was first released for the PlayStation 3 in early 2012 and was then ported to the console’s successor some three years later. It took another four years for the game to come to Windows, however, with PC players unable to get their hands on it until June of 2019.

8 heavy rain

Heavy Rain - Story Heavy Games Like Silent Hill

David Cage games are a bit like Marmite, with some players really turned off by their narrative-heavy approach. Love them or hate them though, it’s difficult to argue that they don’t stand out. heavy rain was particularly eye-catching, thanks to its fantastic visuals and singular approach to storytelling.

Like many of Quantic Dream’s other post-Fahrenheit titles, the game started life as a PS3 exclusive in 2010 before later making its way to Sony’s fourth home console in 2016. Three years later, the game was ported to PC, although neither the windows port nor the PS4 version were quite as well- received as the original release.

7 Days Gone


That more than 130 thousand people took the time to sign a petition urging Sony to greenlight a sequel should give a fairly decent idea of Days Gone‘s popularity. Bend Studio’s post-apocalyptic survival horror title was a big hit with both players and critics alike when it was released for the PS4 in 2019, with millions of copies sold.

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Despite the game’s impressive sales figures, however, a once-planned sequel is thought to have been canceled. This didn’t stop Sony from bringing the game to PC in 2021 though, where it once again performed strongly both critically and commercially.

6 Persona 4

Persona 4 Arena Fighting Game Spinoff

Atlus’ personas series has been united with PlayStation consoles ever since its debut in 1996. Thanks to the hugely successful personas 5 though, that’s slowly starting to change, as evidenced by the Windows release of Persona 4 Golden in June of 2020.

Having started life as a PS2 game in 2008, Persona 4like many of the series’ mainline entries, was ported to the PlayStation Vita in 2012. Eight years later, the Golden edition made its way to PC and was followed by Persona 5 Strikers less than one year later.

5 Disgaea

Disgaea 4 Complete Plus

Like the personas games, NIS’ long-running RPG franchise Disgaea has strong links to the PlayStation brand. The series’ first five mainline entries debuted exclusively on Sony’s machines, although the most recent one failed to release on the PS4 out of Japan. It’s not on PC either yet, though history suggests that it will be at some point.

With the exception of Disgaea 3: Absence of Justiceall of the earlier Disgaea games leading up to Disgaea 6 have now been ported to PC. What’s more, these complete editions are often vastly superior to their console counterparts, thanks in no small part to their additional content and improved visuals.

4 Horizon Zero Dawn

Aloy holding a peace sign in Horizon Zero Dawn

Many consider Horizon Zero Dawn to be the very best of Sony’s PS4 exclusives and though Kratos and Peter Parker may have something to say about that, Aloy certainly makes a compelling argument throughout her debut outing. For a new IP, it’s an incredibly impressive title.

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For this reason, it came as quite a big surprise when it was revealed that the game would be coming to PC in 2020. Whether or not the sequel, which is currently slated to release for the PS5 in 2022, will ever follow suit remains to be seen, but it’s certainly a possibility at some point.

3 Nioh 2

nioh 2 boss battle

Team Ninja’s nioh games are up there with some of the very best souls-likes around and provide a level of challenge that not every player will be able to rise to. This is perhaps a big part of what makes them so popular, as although difficult, they can also be incredibly rewarding as well.

Though exclusive to the PS4 on console, the first nioh game actually received a PC port at launch. The sequel, however, didn’t become available on PC until just shy of one year on from its PS4 release. On the same day that Nioh 2 came to Windows, both games received PS5 patches.

2 Beyond: Two Souls

ellen page gamergate movie

There’s definitely a lot to love about Beyond: Two Souls, although it didn’t have quite as big an impact on the industry as some of Quantic Dream’s other interactive titles. It does feature some standout performances from actors Elliot Page and Willem Dafoe though as well as some of the best motion capture of the PS3 era.

The game was released for the system in late 2013 and came to the PS4 a little over two years later. It was available as a standalone title or as part of the Quantic Dream Collection together with heavy rain. It would not be until 2019 that the game got its PC release, however, arriving one month on from the Windows port of heavy rain.

1 Detroit: Become Human

February PS Now arrivals

Building on the success of his earlier titles, Detroit: Become Human is arguably the best David Cage game released so far. It looks fantastic, features a gripping story, and offers a level of interactivity and choice that very few video games are able to match.

Like other recent Quantic Dream titles, the game started life as a PlayStation exclusive, releasing for the PS4 in May of 2018. It didn’t remain an exclusive for long though, with a PC port arriving just over 18 months later. Though reviews were mixed, the game has won numerous awards and, with over 6 million sales, is the best-selling David Cage game to date.

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