10 PS1 Games That Deserve a PS5 Remaster

Nostalgia has become a big business in pop culture. Whether it’s a film, TV, comic books, or video game, the past is back and better than ever. Speaking of video games, older games have been getting a remaster to improve upon their quality and bring them to a new generation of gamers.


classic playstation games like Final Fantasy 7, spyro, resident Eviland Crash Bandicoot have not only been remastered for the PS4 but also Sony’s newest console the PS5. Sony has a cornucopia of classic games that are worthy of a remastered rival. Here are 10 perfect for the “newtro” trend.

10 Take On Evil Pigs With Tomba

Fallen riding an evil pig

Fallen! was a platformer that combined elements of action and RPGs. The game centers around a young man named Fallen! who must take on seven evil pigs to restore harmony to his grandfather’s home. Fans will remember Fallen! for its colorful worlds, side-scrolling style, and surprisingly good soundtrack. A remastered version could fully saturate the colors of the game and provide better sound for the game. This could provide the next-gen system a more family-friendly title – something its competitors have in ample supply.

9 A VR Experience Without The Device With Jumping Flash

Robbit looking over the beach world from high

Jumping Flash! was not like anything else when it originally came out in 1995 on the PlayStation. This addictively fun game featured a robotic rabbit hopping from world to world in search of MuuMuus to help it defeat Baron Aloha. Gamers will recall that this game was in the first perspective, which caused players to feel like they were bouncing around the six different worlds. Legend has it that if the player jumped when pressing jump, it would make Robbit jump higher. A remastered version could actually be in VR and add a new element of difficulty and fear.

8 Catching Mischievous Primates with Ape Escape

The main character is trying to sneak up on an ape but the ape's alarm is going off.

Ape Escape had the illusion of looking like a simple game for children. Truthfully, it required skill and patience that even adult gamers did not possess. In this platformer, fans are a human boy named Spike who uses a net to catch escaped apes.

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However, the apes have fashionable and functional helmets that sound an alarm when the player is near. Stealth is key for winning this game. Ape Escape on the PS5 will provide better graphics to the very blocky-looking game and maybe make it easier to catch those pesky apes.

7 Mix the Old School and the New With PaRappa the Rapper

PaRappa the Rapper is rapping and is doing goodg

PaRappa the Rapper has solidified itself as a cult classic since its debut in 1996! This game may appear like a typical follow-the-beat video game, but it also includes RPG elements like a thematic story. PaRappa has been revived before on the PS4, but no new elements were added. A remastering on the PS5 would improve the visuals and sounds, and it would also allow for current rappers to collaborate on this project(!) This musical update could also expand to other genres like PaRappa the K-Popper!

6 Return to the Skies with Air Combat

an fighter jet soars through the skies ready for battle

Video Games about airplanes and fighter jets seem to be a dying breed. Air Combat allowed players to simulate flying in a fighter jet, take on enemies, and fail miserably at landing the aircraft. Gamers who wanted to fully immerse themselves could buy the cockpit airplane controller, complete with a new set of buttons to learn. Remastering Air Combat on the PS5 in tandem with VR technology could reinvigorate the franchise. Will it make landing the fighter jet easier? That’s debatable.

5 36 Chambers and 36 Hit Combos with Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style

the fighter select menu and RZA is chosen

Before there was Def Jam: Fight for NYthere was Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style. This game was revolutionary for combining hip hop and video games. While it’s widely known that Wu-Tang is nothing to play with, this game was wildly fun to play! Fans were able to play as a Wu-Tang clan member (but with a martial art makeover) and fight for honor and respect in story mode.

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The members also had stylized finishing moves when defeating enemies. The Wu-Tang Clan is still relevant today and much more could be done in terms of character design on a next-generation system. This would also create an opportunity to invite current hip-hop artists to collab in-game and musically.

4 A Legend Worth Retelling

a cutscene featuring a villager who has been hurt

Legend of Legaia is an RPG likened to Final Fantasy, but only one became a successful franchise. Like Final FantasyLegaia was a single-player turn-based game, where a young man with special abilities took on sentient statutes that were trying to take down a magical tree. Legend of Legaia does sound like a hodgepodge of other Final Fantasy games, but it was still enjoyable to play. Its story centered around protecting the Earth, which is more relevant today than in 1999. If it can be given a remastered version like Final Fantasy 7, it may stand a chance at a franchise revival. Additionally, players need something to do while waiting for Final Fantasy 16.

3 It’s Dangerous to Go Alone, Take this Monkey Hero

The Monkey Hero Finds a Chest in a Dungeon

Monkey Hero was Sony’s way of competing with Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda. The main character, Monkey, enters dungeons that are filled with puzzles, enemies, and treasure chests. The story of the game is loosely based on the 16th-century Chinese novel, Journey to the West. In the end, Monkey must defeat the Nightmare King. The PlayStation has had no shortage of action RPGs, but it still lacks a direct rival to The Legend of Zelda. Remastering Monkey Hero could be a declaration to its rivals that they’re back, and this time they mean (monkey) business!

2 Stepping Out Of The Darkness And Into The Light

A Ninja stands by a waterfall

After the success of Ghost of Tsushimafans have been wanting more games that center around martial arts and the history of Asia. Ninja: Shadow of Darkness could be a smart choice to remaster for the PS5. Developers can keep the “gorey” aspects of the game but also add better graphics and a story focused on a time period where ninjas were prevalent.

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Ninja: Shadow of Darkness had great sets, but making it an open world could take the game to the next level. A successful remastering of this game could potentially lead to a crossover between Ninja and the Ghost of Tsushima.

1 Mech’ It Good Again

Two mechs fighting in the sky

Anime series like Gundam, evangelionand Escaflowne were all the rage in the late 90s and early 2000s. Video games during this era also attempted to cash in on people’s fascination with Mechas. playstation took a chance on competing the genre with Omega-Boost. The game’s story focused on a war between humanity and artificial intelligence, with humans needing Mechas to even out the playing field.

Omega-Boost was celebrated for having some of the best graphics on the original playstation console. So, imagine the possibilities for remastering with how much technology has grown over the past couple of decades? If Sony could add an online multiplayer, it could compete with the likes of Overwatch, apex legendsand Warframe.

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