When Uncharted Will Come To Streaming

Tom Holland’s Uncharted movie has been a long time coming, but when exactly will it land on streaming platforms like Netflix or Disney+?

Tea Uncharted movie adapts the video game franchise of the same name, but many fans are wondering when it will come to streaming platforms. After being stuck in development for well over a decade (and seeing a great number of directors come and go), the Uncharted movie has finally arrived. With Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg starring as Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan respectively, Uncharted is an exciting adaptation for many video game fans.

Uncharted‘s story is not a direct adaptation of any one of the franchise’s video games, but instead provides a new Uncharted origin story for Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake. This allows for more creative freedom in the film’s narrative without the need for incorporating the games’ continuity. In doing so, Uncharted may risk alienating fans of the games, but it allows for wider box office appeal.


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While fans have been waiting for an Uncharted movie for years, some will undoubtedly opt not to see it in theaters and instead wait for its release to streaming services. With Sony having made deals with both Netflix and Disney, the exact time frame for this hasn’t been made entirely clear. Here’s when Uncharted can be expected to land on streaming platforms.

How To Watch Uncharted (Is It Streaming?)

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As the box office continues to return to normality, Uncharted‘s is an exclusive theatrical release. At present, it’s only possible to watch Uncharted in theaters. This means fans will need to catch it theatrically to compare the Uncharted movie’s characters to their videogame counterparts sooner rather than later.

When Will Uncharted Release Online?

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The exact time frame for Uncharted to land on streaming platforms hasn’t as yet been made official. However, Uncharted‘s exclusive theatrical release means that the film will not be available to stream until after its theatrical run. Theatrical runs usually last about four weeks, so Uncharted will be available on streaming platforms sometime after this – although the exact time scale of Sony’s release deal isn’t entirely clear.

When Will Uncharted Be Available On Netflix?

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In April 2021, Sony signed a deal with Netflix that gives the streaming platform exclusive rights to its films after their theatrical run. This means that Tom Holland’s Uncharted movie will definitely come to Netflix once it’s no longer in theaters. However, the exact time frame for Uncharted‘s Netflix release hasn’t yet been announced, and while there are suggestions it may be as long as nine months, it may well be considerably less according to the terms of Sony’s deal with Netflix. Either way, Uncharted should hit Netflix sometime during 2022.

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Will Uncharted Stream On Disney+?

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While Sony’s Netflix deal might make it seem impossible for Uncharted to stream on Disney+, it’s not outside the realm of possibility. However, Netflix will have 18 months of exclusivity, meaning that Uncharted will not be available on Disney+ until late 2023 at the earliest. With Uncharted‘s post-credits scene teasing a sequel, it’s possible that Tom Holland will be back in action as Nathan Drake long before Uncharted makes it to Disney+.

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