Tom Holland & Uncharted Cast Discuss Their Stunt-Related Injuries

Tom Holland, Tati Gabrielle, and Sophia Ali discuss the various injuries they sustained on set while filming stunts in the adventure film Uncharted.

The cast of Uncharted reveals the various injuries that they sustained during the course of shooting the film. Uncharted is a live-action film adaptation of the adventure game franchise of the same name which began with the PS3 game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune in 2007. The film is directed by zombieland‘s Ruben Fleischer, and it began production in March 2020 before being shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic the very same day. Production was eventually completed later that year and Uncharted is finally set to come to theaters this weekend on February 18, 2022

The film stars Tom Holland, who is also the lead of the box office juggernaut Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is still in theaters. Holland stars as a young Nathan Drake while his sidekick Sully is played by Mark Wahlberg, who was once attached to play Drake in a scrapped version of the project several years ago. The rest of the cast is filled out by You season 3’s Tati Gabrielle as mercenary Jo Braddock, The Wilds‘ Sophia Ali as love interest Chloe Frazer, and Oscar nominee Antonio Banderas as the villainous treasure hunter Santiago Moncada.


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variety spoke with the cast of Uncharted, and they revealed a whole roster of injuries sustained while performing in the stunt-heavy movie. Holland didn’t get into specifics, saying that “I walked away from every stunt, but I definitely limped from a few.” Gabrielle, on the other hand, describes the “excruciating bread“of a dislocated shoulder, while Ali bruised her entire hip so bad it looked like”raw burger meat.” Read the full quote below:

Tom Holland: I walked away from every stunt, but I definitely limped from a few. It looked great in the film, so I was happy to take the pounding.

Tati Gabrielle: [I was injured during a fight scene with Tom Holland.] It didn’t hurt at first. Two hours later, I was like, “Oh wow, my shoulder hurts, I can’t really lift it.” By that night I was in excruciating pain, could not move or lift my shoulder at all.

[Mark Wahlberg’s on-set doctor] feels around and he’s like, “Oh babe, you dislocated your shoulder.”

Sophia Ali: [I slipped while running across a wet fountain.] It looked like raw hamburger meat.

Tati Gabrielle as Jo Braddock in Uncharted, leaning against crate, gun in hand

Even on films with stunt crews and appropriate regulations in place, stunts can be dangerous. Actors in these types of action films typically expect to come home with their share of scrapes and bruises. For instance, while filming the spy thriller The 355, which came out earlier this winter, star Jessica Chastain was sent to the hospital after hitting her head on a marble floor. Nevertheless, all of the injuries in the two films combined are less than this month’s other hit film Jackass Foreverwhich sent multiple crew members to the hospital over the course of its stunt-filled production.

Thankfully, beyond that, the cast of Uncharted escaped unscathed. It certainly sounds like the film will be chock full of dynamic action moments, considering how fully the performers threw their all into their roles before, presumably, stunt doubles stepped in for the even more intense moments. Fans of the video game might just have their expectations met as far as how well the film matches the high-octane thrills of the original games.

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Source: Variety

  • Uncharted (2022)Release date: Feb 18, 2022

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