PS5 UK stock tracker LIVE

The Smyths Toys will get a PS5 restock this morning, it is claimed.

The retailers restock will focus on the PS5 Disc Edition ( and is planned to take place TODAY (Thursday 17th Feb 2022) around 9am GMT.

Customers may pre-order, both online and in-store once the stock drop is live.

This will be a Disc Edition console restock only, and no Digital Editions available to pre-order, as far as Stock Checker knows.

Meanwhile, our live blog is the best place to keep up to date with the latest stock drops in both the UK and the US as we track restocks at stores including Argos, Very, Amazon, GAME and Smyths Toys

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Read our PS5 live blog below for the latest news on restocks and games…

  • Tips for waiting in the GAME drop

    It’s important to firstly say that once you are in the queue, DO NOT refresh the queue. The queue is doing all the refreshing for you in the background, live. Hang in there as so many users miss out by being put off from the queue time.

    Use guest checkout, rather than using your GAME account. There is an issue users can come across that some GAME customers have experienced, where users are somehow unable to purchase certain products whilst logged in.
    If you’re worried about the GAME points you could earn, you can contact their customer service and prove you’ve bought the PS5. Once you’ve done that, they’ll add on your reward points to the GAME account you have.

  • GAME shipments

    Stock Checker can confirm that “If you select our Priority Insured delivery method (details can be found on the product page) your order will be shipped by February 22nd. All other delivery method orders will be shipped by February 25th.”

    This indicates a stock drop on the 18th of February around 9am-11:30am.

    Once the drop is live, this will be proven further, as the dates on the bundles page will also be updated to 02/25/22 rather than the current 02/18/22.

  • Best PS5 games to get on board

    Astro’s Playroom – Bundled with the PS5, this could easily be dismissed as a gimmick to show off the DualSense joypad. But it’s a brilliant and wonderfully sensory game in its own right – not to be missed.

    Spider-Man: Miles Morales – This add-on to the Spider-Man video game reboot is truly gorgeous and shows off the graphical heft of the PS5. It’s also good fun, and you’ll likely lose hours just swinging around snowy Manhattan.

    God of War – Revamped for the PS5, this iconic PS4 titan is more stunning than ever. It’s one of the best games of the decade, undoubtedly. A must-play, even if you’ve never touched the franchise before.

    Fall Guys – It’s cheap, cheerful and endlessly addictive. Think Takeshi’s Castle meets Fortnite.

    Fifa 21 – Let’s be honest: if you care at all about football, you probably already have this. But we had to include it for good measure!

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