Free PS5 Opportunity: Sony Offers Fans a Chance Through ‘Treat Codes’: How Does It Work?

For those waiting to get their hands on a PlayStation 5, now might be your chance as Sony is giving fans a chance to win the video game console through a scavenger hunt-like game.

Along with this, players should also try checking their emails since Sony has been also sending a PS Direct exclusive invite email for a PS5 restock.

Free PS5 Opportunity: Sony Offers Fans a Chance Through ‘Treat Codes’

Since the PlayStation 5 was introduced last 2020, numerous people have been wanting to get a chance to acquire the said video game console. Due to the very high demand, several well-known retail store are having some stock issues.

In relation to this, Sony recently announced that they will be offering fans a chance to win a PS5 through hidden online and real-world codes.

To further emphasize, Sony released a blog post stating that “a series of 14 unique codes resembling PlayStation controller inputs will appear online, on social media channels, and in unexpected places around the world, such as high-profile events involving sports, gaming, film, and music.”

The video game console company also added that each code users uncover will offer them a chance to join the contest and win a PS5 console. This means that players have a total of 14 chances to win.

Dot Esports further explained that the mentioned codes are referred to as “Treat Codes” by Sony. These so-called Treat Codes can appear at any time, anywhere, online, or in the real world.

Treat Codes will be similar to controller inputs such as L1, R1, Up, Down, and so on.

Sony advised participants to watch out for streamers who are playing PlayStation games in the coming weeks. To give participants more chances to win a PS5, the tech company clarified that some codes may appear many times.

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How Do the Treat Code Work?

For those curious to know how to join the scavenger hunt-like game, the company first reminded everyone that the registration is free. This means players are not required to pay any amount to take part.

Players can then access the widget by clicking the ‘Enter code’ button on this site to sign up for an account using their PlayStation Network account ID.

Once an account has been created and the code enters, players must then finish the quest by answering a question. If a player correctly answers the question, they will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a PlayStation 5.

Keep in mind that finding a one-of-a-kind code does not imply that players will get a console.

Treat Codes will be available from Feb. 15 to 28, but the search will go until Tue. 7 at 8 am CT.

PS5 Restock Update

In another Sony PS5-related news, gamers looking for the video game console has some good news this week, as previously reported here on iTech Post.

Specifically, the good news is that PS Direct is back online and sending out invitations for an exclusive PS5 restock.

PS Direct, Sony’s official online shop, was one of several that unexpectedly stopped selling earlier this year. However, reports claim that it has returned after a restocking break.

Keep in mind that only those who have been invited to the PS5 sale are eligible to participate.

However, interested consumers should be aware that participating in the sale does not ensure that they will be able to buy something.

Because of the tremendous demand for PS5s, PS Direct has decided to offer them using a lottery method. This implies that if they are picked, guests will have an equal opportunity to purchase all available game systems.

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