Post Void, an ultra-trippy FPS, comes to Switch & PS4 in spring 2022

Super Rare Games established the indie publishing label Super Rare Originals last month, and the first Nintendo Switch game under that label recently arrived in the form of grapple dog. That is a cute little game that any child could play. However, the next Super Rare Originals game, first-person shooter Post Void from developer YCJY Games, is definitely not for everyone — especially people who are photosensitive and subject to seizures. You can see for yourself (or not) in a short trailer announcing Post Void for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, with a release date set for spring 2022.

The game originally launched on PC via Steam back in 2020, where it went on to garner an “Overwhelmingly Positive” reception with over 5,000 reviews. The goal of Post Void is to speed through procedurally generated levels as quickly as possible, trying to rack up a high score as you go. Dying is easy, but runs are intended to be short — so you probably shouldn’t get too frustrated when you die in the blink of an eye. Basically, the gameplay sounds pretty straightforward; it’s only the incomprehensible, in-your-face visuals that could still use some explaining.

Stay tuned for Post Void on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 this spring.

[Source: PR]

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