Horizon Forbidden West and more new PS4 and PS5 video game releases in February 2022 (plus where to pre-order)

Horizon Forbidden West for PS5
Horizon Forbidden West launches on February 18, 2022 on the Sony Playstation 4 and PS5 consoles.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

February is an exciting month to shop for new PS5 games. The sought-after PlayStation 5 console remains hard to find, with consumers vying over PS5 restocks at big retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy. But that hasn’t stopped game developers from rolling out new PS5 games, and there may be a few classics in the making set for release this month.

The highly anticipated RPG “Horizon Forbidden West” leads the charge in this onslaught of games, set to hit the streets February 18. Another RPG, the Hidetaka Miyazaki-directed “Elden Ring,” comes out February 25. Fans of the horror film franchise “Evil Dead” might be sad to know that “Evil Dead: The Game” has been delayed yet again. But other titles, such as “Dying Light 2: Stay Human” and “OlliOlli World” should tide them over until then.

PlayStation 4 owners who have yet to secure a PS5 console may be happy to know that most of these PS5 games are also available for PS4; they don’t have to wait for another PS5 restock to play them. What’s more, players who purchase top titles such as “Horizon Forbidden West” and “Dying Light 2: Stay Human” on PlayStation 4 will be able to upgrade to the PS5 version free.

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All free PS Plus games for February 2022

PlayStation Plus members looking to save money can fill in the gaps of their PS4 game library with free downloads of 2020’s “UFC 4” and 2021’s “Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-Shot Adventure.” Both are now available on PS Plus through the end of the month. PlayStation 5 gamers, meanwhile, can download the well-received, albeit slightly retro at this point, “Planet Coaster: Console Edition” through February 28.

PlayStation Plus membership (12 months), $60

The best new PS4 and PS5 video game releases of February 2022

With spectacular open worlds and formidable beat-em-ups, the new PS4 and new PS5 games coming this February should keep players entertained for the whole month and beyond.

Horizon Forbidden West (February 18, 2022)

Horizon Forbidden West hero picture

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Explore untrammeled lands, fight nomadic raiders and battle machines in this sequel to 2017’s highly successful “Horizon Zero Dawn.” “Horizon Forbidden West,” coming to PS4 and PS5 February 18, drops players (as machine hunter Aloy) in post-apocalyptic California, Nevada and Utah, where they’ll roam a larger open-world map full of metal creatures old and new . Luckily, this PS5 game comes with new character abilities as well.

Horizon Forbidden West, PS5 (pre-order), $70

Horizon Forbidden West, PS4 (pre-order), $60

Dying Light 2: Stay Human (February 4, 2022)

Dying Light 2: Stay Human hero image


The end-of-days genre is, ironically, alive and well, as “Dying Light 2: Stay Human” proves. Only a few days old, having hit the streets February 4, this PlayStation 5 game already has amassed glowing reviews from gamers and gaming publications. Despite being riddled with bugs, the game makes up for it with a remarkable open world, surreal vibe and great parkour moves.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human, PS5. $60

Dying Light 2: Stay Human, PS4. $60

Elden Ring (February 25, 2022)

Elden Ring poster picture

FromSoftware, Inc.

With video game director Hidetaka Miyazaki and George RR Martin behind it, it’s no surprise that “Elden Ring” is among the most talked-about Sony PlayStation games of 2022. The collaboration resulted in a tough yet forgiving open world title teeming with stunning lands, dungeons and a slew of customizable weapon skills.

Elden Ring, PS5 (pre-order), $60

Elden Ring, PS4 (pre-order), $60

Sifu (February 8, 2022)

Sifu hero picture


“Sifu” combines martial arts combat with challenging enemies that will test your button-mashing skills. This new PS5 release, by the same folks who did 2017’s “Absolver,” is a great beat-em-up with beautiful visuals and a memorable score. It’s a challenging PS5 game, but one that has room for mastery through repetition. And you can now purchase it from the PlayStation Store.

Sifu, PS4/PS5, $40

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen (February 22, 2022)

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen hero picture


“Destiny 2: The Witch Queen” may just be an expansion to Bungie’s “Destiny 2.” But it’s compelling enough to check out on the PlayStation Store, even if you haven’t played the popular online-only first-person shooter before. In this upcoming pay-for campaign, Bungie shifts its priority to story-focused missions and introduces a new location, along with two new dungeons and a new level of difficulty designed to challenge single players.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, PS4/PS5 (pre-order), $40

All the new PS4 and PS5 video game releases this month

Here’s a list of all the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games coming out in February 2022.

  • Life is Strange Remastered Collection (PS4 | PS5) – February 1
  • The Sealed Bulb (PS4) – February 2
  • Dying Light 2: Stay Human (PS4 | PS5) – February 4
  • OlliOlli World (PS4 | PS5) – February 8
  • Sifu (PS4 | PS5) – February 8
  • Unbound: Worlds Apart (PS4 | PS5) – February 9
  • Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires (PS4) – February 15
  • King of Fighters XV (PS4 | PS5) – February 17
  • Horizon Forbidden West (PS4 | PS5) – February 18
  • Destiny 2: The Witch Queen (PS4 | PS5) – February 22
  • Monark (PS4 | PS5) – February 22
  • Sol Cresta (PS4) – February 22
  • Truck Driver: Premium Edition (PS5) – February 22nd
  • GRID Legends (PS4 | PS5) – February 24
  • Martha is Dead (PS4 | PS5) – February 24
  • Elden Ring (PS4 | PS5) – February 25
  • Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream (PS4) – February 25
  • Tormented Souls (PS4) – February 25
  • Blood Bowl 3 (PS4 | PS5) – February 2022

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