Fortnite’s Nintendo Switch Features Coming To PS4, PS5, PC, & Android

Fortnite is adding the gyro controls, which were first implemented into the Nintendo Switch version of the game, to console, PC, and Android!

Fortnite fans playing on a selection of other devices will now be able to access special features of the game that were only available on the Nintendo Switch version. The world-famous battle royale experience has remained at or near the top of the most popular video games out there since its release a few years ago, helped by the fact that it is free-to-play and available on just about every modern gaming device.

Fortnite landed on to Nintendo’s best-selling hybrid consoles with an assortment of new, exclusive features. Perhaps the most impactful of these unique gameplay options were the gyro controls which allowed players to make full use of the Switch’s motion-tracking components to aim their weapons. Whether a player is using the Switch in handheld, tabletop, or docked mode, they could simply swivel, pivot, and turn their JoyCons to point their crosshairs in the desired direction. These features also applied to gamers playing with the Switch Pro Controller. This was always integrated as an option that players could toggle on and off, but many fans found that once mastered, this ability allowed for a far greater degree of control and precision.


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Fans of Fortnite who don’t play on the Switch can now take advantage of this exclusive feature, as reported by Game Informer. Since the Ps4 and PS4 controllers also have gyro technology, these motion-tracking options have now been added to those console versions. Android players can also play the game with this feature enabled thanks to this update. Since PC players have a bevy of options when it comes to what gamepad to use, this new patch applies to them as well.

Fortnite characters dropping from the battle bus and preparing for battle.

This should come as a welcome surprise to any gamers who are fond of motion tracking controls. In fact, some Fortnite fans might even be wondering why it took Epic Games so long to migrate these features to other platforms, considering that the Switch version has offered gyro controls since launch. These sorts of gyro controls – while not exactly the norm – are definitely not unheard of, so it will be interesting to see how many new players adopt this as their preferred aiming method.

Fortnite remains one of gaming’s most popular live-service IPs, so this change is sure to be noted by many gamers. The game’s simple-yet-satisfying controls are already highly polished, but this option adds for an additional layer of personalization and depth. Time will tell how these new options are received by fans.

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Fortnite is currently free-to-play on all platforms.

Source: Game Informer

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