Horizon Forbidden West Trophy List Has Leaked & Contains Big Spoilers

Some of the PlayStation trophies have been revealed for the upcoming action game Horizon Forbidden West, and they appear to contain spoilers!

Fans have been checking out the trophy list for Horizon Forbidden West online today, but unfortunately, it contains several spoilers for the game. Spoilers for video games like Horizon Forbidden West are getting increasingly difficult to avoid in the internet age, with major titles like Last of Us Part II being examples of what can happen when sensitive story information gets shared online. Descriptions and titles for trophies and achievements are just one form that spoilers can take, as sometimes developers leave precious details available in these short blurbs.

Tea Horizon Forbidden West review embargo was lifted today and already the latest from Guerilla Games is raking in positive reviews from critics. Forbidden West is a sequel to 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn, which itself was one of Sony’s most successful debut IPs. Players are revisiting the story of Aloy in this sequel as she makes her way to the West Coast in an effort to stop a plague that is sweeping across the land. A handful of Aloy’s friends look to be returning here, and the satisfying bow and arrow combat mechanics are coming back as well, bolstered by the DualSense’s adaptive triggers. As is the case with most video game sequels, additional mechanics and features have also been added, although it is unlikely that all of them have been revealed ahead of the game’s official release.


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For players who want to avoid learning more than they need to about Horizon Forbidden West, it is best to avoid any posts related to the trophy list for the game. ace Game Rant and Push-Square point out, some of these trophy descriptions spoil details relating to side missions and other supplemental activities, with one trophy reportedly spoiling a major moment from the game’s main questline. Even without looking at the descriptions, many of the trophy titles give away a bit more than they should.

Aloy is resuming her role as Horizon Forbidden West's protagonist

While some of these titles and descriptions are vague, it is still probably best to steer clear of any Horizon Forbidden West trophy lists for the time being. After all, some gamers choose to completely avoid all of a game’s marketing ahead of its release in an attempt to have the purest experience possible. Even small things, like the names of collectibles or locations, could negatively impact a player’s initial playthrough.

Of course, for anyone looking to remain completely safe from spoilers, it is advisable to avoid social media entirely. For anyone unwilling or unable to do that, though, it will probably be enough just to stay away from trophy-tracking sites. Horizon Forbidden West comes out in just a few days, so gamers won’t have to navigate this minefield for long.

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Horizon Forbidden West will be released on PS4 and PS5 on February 18.

Sources: Game Rant, Push Square

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