Now is The Time for A PlayStation Home Reboot, and Media Molecule Should Develop It

Playstation Home was a truly unique social game for the PS3, and it is fondly remembered by those that spent time with it. In the game, players made their own avatars and entered a virtual world where they could purchase their own outfits and apartments, living out a second life within a PlayStation-focused universe. Players could collect items and explore areas based on iconic PlayStation franchises like Unchartedmeeting up with new people and making friends in the game’s busier areas.


Those that spent even a bit of time in the free-to-play game will likely remember the larger groups of gamers on the dance floor or watching shows like The Tester in the game’s theater. Unfortunately, all players have are memories, as Playstation Home was shut down on March 31, 2015. While no alternative was offered during the PS4 generation, now may be the perfect time to bring it back, and Media Molecule could be the best member of PlayStation Studios to develop it.

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For those unfamiliar with Media Molecule, the studio stands tall as one of the most creative developers in the video game industry. Its past work includes LittleBigPlanet, a beloved series built around community-driven content and its cute mascot Sackboy. With millions of player-made levels created, it’s safe to say that the concept was a hit with players, explaining why it was expanded upon further with dreams.

Dreams is a brilliant creation tool that gamers have used to make animated movies, playable video games, or scenes from movies like Jurassic Park. With some of the player creations being photorealistic or looking like games made by AAA developers, it is clear that Media Molecule has perfected the art of user generated content. This approach could work perfectly in a new version of Playstation Home.

While creating tools as deep as dreams would not be necessary, giving players the freedom to make their own areas would be a natural evolution of the Playstation Home mark. In the previous iteration of the game, players could only customize their apartments with items they had collected, but a new version could give them full control over the homes they design for themselves. Players could also design custom areas, with Media Molecule giving creators access to items from PlayStation exclusives like god of war and The Last of Us. Being able to explore an endless world of areas based on PlayStation franchises would be incredible, and user generated content could keep the game alive for years after it debuts.

Media Molecule’s creation tools could take character creation to the next level, too. Not only would it be great to explore community-made areas alongside official locations, but having the freedom to make characters that are not human would be an awesome change. Players could make themselves look like Lombaxes from Ratchet and ClankClickers from The Last of Usor a machine from Horizon, designing an avatar that is truly unique. Custom-made clothing could be an option, too. While having outfits based on PlayStation characters was fine enough in the original game, Media Molecule could take things to another level by offering extensive avatar creation.

PlayStation Home 2 Would Fit Well on PSVR 2

PSVR2 Headset

Given the success of VR Chat and the endless discussion around the Metaverse, it is easy to think of VR functionality making Playstation Home 2 even better. Fortunately, Media Molecule has experience in this area, meaning that it could undoubtedly do something special with the technology. Players could have the chance to explore the PlayStation-inspired worlds made by Media Molecule and PlayStation fans, actively participating in mini-games and seeing characters through a VR headset.

Given how powerful PSVR 2 is based on its specs, it would likely have no problem running something like a new Playstation Home. Assuming that the game takes a free-to-play approach like the original, it could be a great way to show off the power of the device while instantly giving all adopters of the headset something to play. Being able to see and talk to other gamers through a video game is a great alternative to real life meetings, and a VR mode for Playstation Home 2 would be an excellent way to capture that idea.

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PlayStation Home 2 is The Perfect Game For The Modern Era of Gaming


While the COVID-19 pandemic is easing up in some parts of the world, it is still problematic in others, and many remain wary of going outdoors when they do not have to. As such, second life games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons are still serving as an excellent escape for players, with many using them to meet up with friends and keep their mind off things. Sony should capitalize on that popularity, building something for its own platform that allows players to connect with one another in a similar way.

The digital meet-ups the original Playstation Home offered could be more impactful than ever nowadays, and the PS5 console is the right platform to house them. The original Playstation Home was heavily limited by its long load times, as the PS3 took forever to get players to where they wanted to go. The PS5’s wildly fast load times would take this issue away, with the hypothetical sequel’s graphics also sure to be a huge step up.

With so many franchises to pay homage to, and the recent success of games centered around a second life approach, now is the time for a new Playstation Home. While gamers may be uneasy about attending a real-world theater, watching a Sony movie or game trailers with friends in a Playstation Home theater would be a great alternative. The same could be said about dancing, going out on dates, or any other kind of social activity. With Sony having the perfect developer for the job in Media Molecule, and the inventive studio’s next project unknown, a successor to Playstation Home would be a welcome surprise.

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