Classic videogame designs meet modern art in Please, Touch the Artwork

The appeal of Thomas Waterzooi’s debut game Please, Touch the Artwork is more than just its white-walled art gallery set dressing. It’s one part psychogeography and one part “zen” art puzzle collection, but also a full-fledged descendant of classic videogames like Snake and Pong.

Despite its outwardly chill vibes, Please, Touch the Artwork is a challenging game that taps into the same hypnotic, obsessive vein of commitment as Snake, the smartphone staple preloaded on a billion Nokias in the late ’90s and ’00s. In Snake (which you may know as Nibbles, a variant that shipped with MS-DOS), your snake grew after consuming dots on a tiny monochromatic screen, and once you ate your own lengthening tail it was game over.

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