Minecraft-Themed Valentine’s Gift Brings The Game’s Flowers To Life

One dedicated fan’s Minecraft-themed Valentine’s Day gift brought the game’s red rose flower to life, building a voxel-based romantic gesture.

A Reddit user’s Minecraft-themed Valentine’s gift brought the game’s red flower to life. Minecraft players never seem to run out of new and creative ideas, especially as the game nears its 13th anniversary. Within Mojang’s voxel world, massive projects bring both fictional and real-world structures to the digital landscape, such as the SoFi Stadium Minecraft build fit for Super Bowl LVI and another fan’s recreation of The Simpsons‘Springfield. As Mojang continues to add new features to Minecraftthere are always more ways to get building in the survival sandbox.

Minecraft‘s fanbase hasn’t been limited to the digital world, either. Many players have recreated Minecraft objects for the real world, too. While most take advantage of the many build features available in the game – creating projects like the Avengers Tower or a Monopoly game board – some enjoy the limitations of the real world to make their projects a reality. In October, a crafty Minecraft player built a homemade lamp shaped like an ore block using cardboard. Inside the lamp was an RGB LED that changed, essentially allowing it to become any ore type. Another impressive real-life build saw an artist recreate Minecraft‘s glass and grass blocks, showing what the voxel world would look like beyond a PC screen.


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Reddit user soylemon shared pictures of their DIY Minecraft-themed Valentine’s gift, in which they crafted the game’s flowers in real life. The project was made by hand and it took soylemon over four hours to complete. The pictures shared to Reddit showed the blocky Minecraft red flower sitting in a white vase as if it were picked straight from a grass block in a grassy biome. Soylemon’s real-life Minecraft rose took the form of the old texture, before the 1.7 update that changed the item’s name to poppy along with its texture. The real Minecraft flower stood slightly over a foot without the vase and was made of several light red, dark red, and green squares to make it look straight from the voxel sandbox.

Minecraft Themed Valentine Gift Real Flower

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Seeing Minecraft items in real life can be a rewarding experience. In November, Minecraft collaborated with Nerf to bring the Pillager’s crossbow and Minecraft Dungeons‘Stormlander to life. Seeing the voxel-based items in the real world connects fans with Mojang’s sandbox on a deeper level. When fans create their own physical representations of Minecraft items, it shows just how dedicated the player base has become.

Soylemon’s Minecraft-themed Valentine’s gift demonstrates how much Mojang’s game – and video games in general – have impacted the world. In early February, a Skyrim fan proposed to their significant other with a replica Amulet of Mara, allowing Tamriel’s Goddess of Love to bless the engagement. As the video game industry continues to expand, gamers will likely continue to grow deeply connected with the industry’s beautifully-crafted digital worlds. Soylemon’s Valentine’s gift is just one example, with many more – like this Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan’s themed marriage proposal.

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