Marvel’s Avengers Leaks Age of Ultron Skin for Black Widow

A Marvel’s Avengers rumor shows up on Reddit, indicating that an Age of Ultron Black Widow skin may be making its way into the game.

marvel's avengers leak age of ultron black widow

Though both Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have not given any updates about a clear roadmap for Marvel’s Avengers, both companies seem eager to continue support and improvement for the game. Fans have heavy expectations from Marvel video games this 2022, and the live-service title is included in the list. Recently, however, with still no news from either companies, players have taken to investigating patches and incoming updates to get more information. Now, there is a leak that Black Widow’s Age of Ultron outfit will be making its way into the game.


Almost two years have passed since Marvel’s Avengers was released last September 2020. Since then, the developers have released a series of quality-of-life changes, introduced new playable Marvel heroes, and added content to encourage the community to continue patronizing the game. The most recent Marvel’s Avengers notable update, however, only focused on bug fixes, while the rest of the patches simply introduced more skins in the game’s already overflowing marketplace. With no content being announced, there is no surprise that the team is left with adding skins to keep engagement up for the title.

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On Reddit, user Frank_2703 recently found a leak in the recent Marvel’s Avengers patch. In the photo they shared, it showed the Black Widow costume page, but highlighted the character in her outfit from the 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. Most fans will likely recall that Black Widow is seen sporting her well-known cropped red hair in that film, with a new leather get-up accentuated with glowing blue lines. Though the Redditor only shared one image, the rumored leak sparked conversation between their fellow Marvel’s Avengers fans.

Some of the comments on the Reddit thread mentioned that the outfit may be part of the next month’s shipment or the regular Marvel’s Avengers Marketplace. However, another Reddit user named CD_NickE, who is tagged as a developer from Crystal Dynamics, quickly came in to lay the rumors to rest. They stated that the outfit was leaked by accident and will likely be removed as soon as possible. They also shared that fans should not make too much out of the leaked photos, as many details such as the in-game text and source are not final.

Nevertheless, if leaks and rumors like these pop up online, it shows that there are still a handful of players that are invested in Marvel’s Avengers. Hopefully both Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics do not disappoint the player base, and actually come out with a content roadmap for 2022 sooner than later.

Marvel’s Avengers is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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