Gravity Rush creator wants to see the series on PC

Gravity Rush is one of those games that encapsulates why Sony’s now-defunct Japan Studio is sorely missed: There’s nothing else quite like it. A 3D parkour-slash-action game with full 360 movement and gravity manipulation, the original was conceived by director Keiichiro Toyama way back in his Konami days before Sony gave his team the chance to make it (initially for PS3, then re-configured as a Playstation Vita showcase). Particularly striking is the colorful, lo-fi comic book aesthetic that channels French artist Jean Giraud.

Toyama will always be best-known for directing the original Silent Hill, after which he went on to make a long list of very good horror titles (Sony hired him to work on Siren). His current independent outfit Bokeh Game Studio is now working on Slitterhead. However it is the 10th anniversary of Gravity Rush, as part of which Toyama spoke to the fansite Gravity Rush Central, which asked how he felt about Sony porting more of its games to PC and whether he’d like to see the series as part of that.

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