Elden Ring Fan Offers Free Copies To Those Who Need It

A kind-hearted FromSoftware fan has offered to buy two copies of Elder Ring for players who cannot afford to buy their own in a show of generosity.

A good samaritan and die-hard “Soulsborne” fan is bringing some charitable spirit to the gaming community by offering to give away free copies of Elden Ring to those in need. Elden Ring is coming out in less than two weeks and is slated to be one of the biggest releases of 2022, despite the fact that it is releasing in the same month as other hotly anticipated titles like Horizon Forbidden West.

FromSoftware has yet to shy away from making unique, highly specific, and challenging video games. Although FromSoftware has been making games since the 1990s, the Japanese developer really started to make waves with the release of Demons Souls in 2009. The addictive difficulty and artistic significance of this title would go on to define the studio’s other projects, particularly the Dark Souls games, which many see as spiritual successors to Devil‘s Souls. FromSoftware has gone on to branch out more with fan-favorite games like Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, experimenting with different settings, tones, and gameplay systems. The studio will be returning to high fantasy with Elden Ring, but the upcoming game’s open-world design will make it stand apart from these earlier releases. Through all this experimentation, FromSoftware has been able to maintain a healthy and committed fanbase that eagerly awaits each release.


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As if more evidence was needed to prove the passion that exists within these fan communities, a Reddit user going by the handle WhySoSad45 has decided to give away two free digital copies of Elden Ring to fans who cannot afford to purchase it themselves. WhySoSad45 begins their post by stating that they are extremely fond of FromSoftware’s modern releases and can’t”imagine not being able to play them“, thus spurring this selfless gesture. They go on to comment that they are moving forward with this plan in good faith, asking readers not to take advantage of this kindness and only request a free copy if it is truly needed.

It would appear that WhoSoSad45’s act of kindness is encouraging other FromSoftware fans, as there are a handful of commenters who are jumping aboard the giveaway train and offering up digital copies of the game as well. Even those who aren’t actively giving away versions of the game are leaving comments about how moved they are by this generous movement. As this thread becomes more popular, hopefully, more fans will join this movement.

There is, unfortunately, no shortage of negativity surrounding gaming communities; from spurned fans sending death threats to developers who they disagree with to rampant sexism and racism in competitive games, a vocal minority of gamers can certainly cause a lot of harm. However, instances like this one remind fans that there is still plenty of humanity in the world of video games. If games like Elden Ring can continue to spread this kind of generosity and goodwill, all gamers will be better off for it.

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Elden Ring is launching on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC on February 25.

Source: WhySoSad45/Reddit

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