Bridge Crew is Being Delisted

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is being removed from online stores by Ubisoft, leaving gamers with little time to secure a copy of the memorable VR game.

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When Star Trek: Bridge Crew was released for PC and PS4 in 2017, it offered a unique virtual reality experience for star trek fans and VR enthusiasts alike. Developed by Red Storm Entertainment and published by Ubisoft, Star Trek: Bridge Crew was named among the top 50 games of 2017 by multiple media outlets, nominated for several awards including Best VR Game at both the Golden Joystick Awards and The Game Awards. Unfortunately, Star Trek: Bridge Crew could be lost to history despite its success, with reports circulating that the game is being delisted from all major game stores.


Star Trek: Bridge Crew is currently available on the PlayStation Store for a discounted price, though this appears to be region-specific, with most Western territories still eligible. PC gamers can still purchase the title through Ubisoft’s official store. Meanwhile, the game is no longer available to purchase on Steam or the Oculus stores, having already been delisted, though the product pages are still visible. The DLC for Star Trek: Bridge Crew is also unavailable.

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The cause of the delisting is rumored to be due to licensing issues. According to reports from Delisted Games, Ubisoft has a licensing agreement with Paramount Pictures and CBS Studios that could be set to expire. Ubisoft has developed games with licenses from CBS Consumer Products in the past, including an NCIS video game from 2011 which was also eventually delisted.

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Another possible cause could be the age of the game. With the release of new VR headsets, the PS5, and news that the PlayStation VR 2 is in development, Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a last-gen experience that has arguably reached its shelf life—at least from a business perspective. Developers have offered lackluster support for the game in recent years, with players complaining of bugs and other issues.

For fans of Star Trek: Bridge Crew, a memorable part of the game will be the multiplayer functionality. Up to four players can play together in co-op mode, working together as a crew to complete missions at the helm of the USS Aegis. It’s a great VR game to play with friends, but it’s also possible to form random crews. This can lead to unpredictable and amusing interactions with players who often don’t take their role too seriously. Those wanting to relive this unique VR experience will have to act quickly to secure a copy of the game, which is expected to be fully delisted within days. Alternatively, physical copies of Star Trek: Bridge Crew are available in stores, but they might not be around for long.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is currently available for PC and PS4 at select retailers.

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