The Epic Games Store Has Added The New Humble App


Humble Bundle announced this week they’ve partnered with Epic Games to bring the Humble App over to the Epic Games Store. The move will give players on the platform an option to access the Humble Games Collection, so those of you using the system will be able to immediately access the games through the EGS rather than having to pick where you’re going to receive the codes one -by-one. The team is offering a bunch of discounts to sign up with this new partnership, the main one being they’re knocking off 25% off the first month if they’re a new subscriber. The games you can get access to in the month of February include Dodgeball Academy, drill, Unsighted, Void Bastardsand Wizard of Legend. Here’s more info from the team about the deal and this month’s offerings.

The Epic Gamess Store Has Added The New Humble App
Credit: Humble Games

Humble Choice members receive a new mix of PC games from AAA games to indie gems to own every month, unlock access to a growing library of Humble Games through the Humble Games Collection, enjoy member perks and discounts, and more. February’s monthly mix of games to own features the hit first-person shooter Borderlands 3 plus the Director’s Cut add-on. In addition, Epic and Humble Bundle have teamed up to bring players the Epic Games Store Celebration bundle, also available starting today on Players can pay what they want for a collection of hit PC games to add to their Epic Games Store library, and support the charity of their choice with their purchase.

Humble Choice members also support worthwhile charity causes, as 5% of each monthly membership is donated to Humble’s featured charity. February’s charity is NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, America’s premier legal organization fighting for racial justice. February’s mix of Choice games features Borderlands 3 + Director’s Cut, which players can own for only $9 when they take advantage of this special Epic Games Store launch celebration offer.

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